For my readers… From all around the world!

19 Août

Hi  beauties! Beside my french readers, since lot of you are reading me from United States, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Brazil… But also Spain and Italy (un bacio a tutte le bellezze che mi stanno leggendo!) I though it might be a good idea to translate each article in English for you guys(you could always find the Google translator on the sidebar (on the right) and click your flag, but the google translator is quite bad…)!


Credit :


So from now, in any article of Mademoiselle Futile you will find an English translation written in grey!



Hope you’ll like it and enjoy more reading the blog that way! I also want to apologize for my English, I’m better at speaking than writing! So don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below each article and add correction!


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Have a nice day!

Lovely yours,

Mademoiselle Futile


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